Take a look at Age of Conan: Valeria #1

Valeria stars in this five part series from Marvel.

Age of Conan: Bêlit is done and dusted, with an upcoming collection due on September 18, so now it’s time to hand the sword to Valeria. Marvel’s Age of Conan: Valeria debuts August 14, with a story spanning five issues.

Take a look at the preview below for a sense of what Valeria’s stumbling into in the first issue.

Meredith Finch (Wonder Woman, Savage Sword of Conan) and Aneke (Red Sonja, DC’s Bombshells) are handling Age of Conan: Valeria, so you know what to expect.

Much like the other Conan titles at Marvel, there’s a serialized novella in Age of Conan: Valeria. This time we get to delve into the world of Thoth-Amon in an all new story by Matt Forbeck.

The first issue of Age of Conan: Valeria is out on August 14. Make sure to ask your local comic book shop about it.

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