The year of the Cimmerian

Welcome to!

You could say it’s about time that Conan the Barbarian got a proper website again, and you’d be right! Welcome to the brand new, where we’ll cover all things Conan, and Robert E. Howard, from now on. Be it books or comics, movies or TV, or any of the games out there, you’ll find news and announcements here, and in our newsletter (do subscribe!) of course.

The driving force behind is the owner of Conan Properties, Cabinet Entertainment. Founder and CEO Fredrik Malmberg had this to share with us, as we launch the new website:

It usually starts with finding out about this great character, Conan. Whether that’s from a novel, a computer game, or comic book, or a film – it’s clear that there’s so much more to this character. Robert E. Howard created a rich world that Conan lives in, and I envy those who meet the Cimmerian for the first time, and get to explore it, no matter which medium. With millions of fans around the planet, we thought it was way overdue that we coordinate our own social media output. Knowing what is in the works, we are all going to be in for a treat.

It’s a bit scarce here right now, but rest assured that we have plans for this very website. We’ll obviously cover product announcements and the like, but you can also expect interviews and feature articles on all things Conan and Robert E. Howard. We’re starting with this, and building, bit by bit.

That said, we’d love to hear what you want to see on this very site. Drop us a line on Twitter or Facebook. There’s even an Instagram account, how about that, the barbarian’s everywhere these days.

2019 will be the year of the Cimmerian, so it’s only fitting that we start it out with a proper website. Come along for the ride!

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