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Conan Exiles Build a Tower Contest

by Thord D. Hedengren on June 24, 2020
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    It’s time for a Tower of the Elephant themed building contest in Funcom’s excellent game Conan Exiles, available for PC, Xbox One, and PlayStation 4! The contest, hosted by Funcom and publisher Perilous Worlds, is a celebration of the launch of Conan the Cimmerian: The Tower of the Elephant on Kickstarter – a board game that got funded in mere three hours. Have you backed it yet?

    The challenge is a simple, yet daunting one: Build the iconic Tower of the Elephant in Conan Exiles.

    Planning and practice are key to creating your vision in Conan Exiles whether it’s a fortress or cottage by the riverside. Building potential is limitless when using full advantage of the arsenal of building pieces, decorations, and furniture. The Tower of the Elephant is as imposing as it is mysterious, so I am looking forward to seeing it fully realized in your own vision. Will it contain rooms? Will you have tigers waiting out front? What will come from your creativity?

    Nicole Vayo, Community Manager at Funcom

    So what can you build in Conan Exiles then? Well, how about these amazing structures, shared with the community (and used with permission).

    That’s some impressive stuff indeed!

    Competition rules

    What to do

    We are challenging you to build your own Tower of the Elephant in Conan Exiles. In the story, Conan is greeted with lions, spiders, treasures, and more. The details and how you’d like to present them is up to you! You can also take inspiration from the comic books of the same story. 

    Once your tower is complete you can take screenshots, video, or create your own comic. Just make sure it’s from within the Conan Exiles game. You don’t need to only include the tower; you can also include other aspects such as the garden surrounding it.

    Judging will be based on creativity; how will you construct the Tower of the Elephant? The panel of judges consist of Community Managers at Funcom, as well as the masterminds behind The Tower of the Elephant board game.

    Due date

    All entries must be submitted by 11:59pm EDT on July 10th, 2020. We will not accept any after this date. Winners will be announced at 12pm EDT on July 17th 2020!


    10 Runner up Winners: T-shirt of your choice and an Architects of Argos key.  (Total prize value $49.94)

    5 Grand Prize Winners: Your very own copy of the Tower of the Elephant board game delivered to you! You will also receive an Architects of Argos key and a T-shirt of your choice. (Total prize value of $99.93)

    Some basic rules

    • Your entry must include the Tower of the Elephant. We will be judging the inside and outside of the tower.
    • NO MODS ALLOWED. This is to keep it even between PC and consoles.
    • You may use the admin tool if creating it on a private server/singleplayer. 
    • You may use Ansel.
    • One entry per email per person.
    • Please refrain from sending pictures taken from mobile phone.
    • You may use DLC.

    How to Enter:

    • Please send us your entry of the Tower to this email address: to enter.
    • If you do not email us here, it will not be counted.
    • Make sure your subject line is “Tower of the Elephant Contest”.
    • We will accept entries until DATE. Entries submitted after this date will not be counted.
    • In the body of your email, please mention which platform (PS4/Xbox/PC) you built your tower. If you built it on a private server, please mention the name of the server. If built on an official server, tell us the number.
    • Please also include your shirt size.

    Read more on Funcom’s official thread, where you’ll also get help on how to share screenshots if you’re playing Conan Exiles on Xbox or PS4.

    Conan the Cimmerian: The Tower of the Elephant is a board game based on the famous Robert E. Howard story. Conan will fight his way through the Tower of the Elephant to face off with the evil wizard Yara. Read more about the game in our announcement post, and be sure to back it on Kickstarter too!

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