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Conan Exiles expands into the Isle of Siptah

by Thord D. Hedengren on September 24, 2020
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    The Conan Exiles survival MMO is getting its largest expansion yet, with Isle of Siptah. It features a vast new island with new dangers and horrors, as well as new mounts and materials to build your shelters and stronghold from. At the center of the island, a dark tower looms, engulfed in a storm – The Maelstorm – where monsters lurk.

    Read on for a description of the game!

    Isle of Siptah is a massive expansion to the open world survival game Conan Exiles, featuring a vast new island to explore, huge and vile new creatures to slay, new building sets and a whole new gameplay cycle. Fight the elder races in new underground dungeons. Defeat demonic monstrosities that spawn from a storm of pure chaos. Dominate the surge to secure the island’s only supply of thralls. 

    You arrive at the island shipwrecked and alone. With nothing but the scraps on your back, you craft the tools you need to survive. At first a simple camp and some crude stone tools, with time a fortress and brutal greatswords made from hardened steel or obsidian.  

    Your eyes are drawn towards the center of the island, where a dark tower looms above the landscape. The violent storm that swirls around it seems to gather strength and unspeakable horrors stalk within. But your most dangerous foe may be the other survivors on the island, as resources are scarce and the fight for survival is savage and brutal.

    Select new features

    New map – Isle of Siptah 
    Start a fresh, new experience on the massive Isle of Siptah. Explore sun-drenched beaches strewn with shipwrecks, dense and tall Redwood forests, broad valleys dotted with ancient Acheronian ruins, the remains of a Stygian colony, and the foreboding Tower of Siptah at the island’s center.  

    New dungeon type – Vaults 
    Uncover long-forgotten vaults holding the remnants of elder races from a distant past. Discover hidden halls, solve ancient puzzles, and slay the fiends and demons within. Loot valuable treasures and harness the power of the sigils of the elder races. 

    New feature – Maelstrom 
    A massive storm swirls around the dark tower at the center of the island. Powered by sinister magic, it spawns horrifying monsters from the outer void, attacking anyone who dares to venture or build within. Defeat these horrors to get your hands on a brand new and important resource. 

    New feature – Surges of sorcery 
    Powerful surges of forbidden magic, granted by the elder god of Nyarlathotep, shoot forth from the Tower of Siptah. Humans and creatures appear in their wake, mysteriously teleported from the outside world. Move quick to capture them or be left in the dust as other players build their army. 

    New rhino mount, building sets, and more 
    Charge into battle and slay your enemies from atop the ferocious rhino mount. Construct a small home or a vast city using two new building sets: the waterlogged remains of shipwrecks or the ancient and majestic stormglass. Find and equip powerful items, including new armor sets.

    If you’re a PC player, you can get in on the Conan Exiles: Isle of Siptah already, because it’s out in Early Access!

    Conan Exiles: Isle of Siptah launches early 2021 for PC, Xbox, and PlayStation. Learn more about Conan Exiles and the Isle of Siptah expansion on the official website,

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