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by Thord D. Hedengren on July 16, 2019
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    Based on Robert E. Howard’s world-renowned pulp fantasy stories, Conan: Savage Legends is a fast-paced combat game that grabs you by the loincloth and doesn’t let go. Take control of a Legend of the Hyborian age as you seek ancient relics, plunder riches, and wage glorious combat. In this 2-4 player arena-style combat miniatures game, defeat your opponents with cunning tactics or sheer might and prove to your foes why you deserve the title “Legend.”

    We spoke to Rob Stoddard, lead game developer och Conan: Savage Legends, about the game.

    Could you tell us a little bit about the game’s mechanics?

    Conan: Savage Legends is an arena-combat miniatures game set in the Robert E. Howard universe. In Conan: Savage Legends, the ancient necromancer, Xaltotun, has shattered the walls of time and space, stranding various heroes and villains alike in the age of Conan, creating opportunities for unique encounters and conflicts.

    The game is played in a series of rounds where both sides will get an opportunity to activate models. Moving tactically around the board before launching into vicious combat, called Clashes can be crucial. Unlike other miniatures games, both sides have the potential to deal damage during a Clash. Once engaged both players will roll their respective dice and the brutality is unleashed.

    Playing Tactics cards from your hand will set the stage for your round. You’ll also be able to spend coins to upgrade your Legend, Companion, or Items and unlock additional effects and more power over the course of the game.

    There’s quite a few characters in Conan’s world. How do they differ in the game?

    Oh yes, there are a ton of characters in the Conan/Robert E. Howard universe and we are striving to make each of them unique and different in the game.

    Each character has a series of stats, from how far they can move, to how many dice they roll when being the Attacker or Defender. Additionally, each character has a special ability and the potential to be Upgraded, unlocking new abilities, addition dice, and other cool possibilities.

    Some characters are better suited to up close and in your face Clashes, while others will want to keep their distance. Finding new and exciting ability combinations between the different characters creates limitless opportunities for diversity in Conan: Savage Legends. We are striving to create a meaningful and impactful place in the game for each and every character we bring to the table.

    What will we get in the Conan: Savage Legends box?

    The Conan: Savage Legends core game comes with everything up to four people will need to experience the epic combat of the Hyborian age, including: 18 high-quality, 32 mm miniatures, over 100 gorgeously-illustrated cards, one rulebook, one double-sided game board, dice, coins, terrain tiles, and tokens!

    The Conan: Savage Legends Kickstarter campaign has been canceled at this time. If you’re interested in the game, please sign up for our newsletter, and we’ll have more on it as we know it.

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