Isle of Siptah is available now

Get the latest Conan Exiles expansion.

The Isle of Siptah expansion for Conan Exiles is available now, on PC, Xbox and PlayStation! It is by far the biggest addition to Conan Exiles and offers a brand-new map for you to explore, build upon and conquer.

Key bullets from the launch post on the official site:

  • Wash ashore the mysterious Isle of Siptah and battle for survival in this hostile environment. Explore the massive new island map and discover the ancient vaults of the elder races.
  • Survive the punishing storm which rages at the center of the island and fight against the dark creatures of the outer void which spawn within it.
  • Take control of the powerful surges of sorcery and open portals to the outside world. Face dangerous challenges and enter the ominous tower of Siptah to reap rich rewards.
  • Build mighty castles out of stormglass or protected tree-top villages out of flotsam. The Isle of Siptah lies before you and a new adventure is about to begin!

Check out the launch trailer below:

How about that Spider God, huh?

If you played the Isle of Siptah expansion in Early Access, we’re happy to report that there’s been quite a few improvements since then. They’re all outlined in another trailer, so check that out if you’re interested.

In related news, Conan Exiles is now a part of Xbox Game Pass, so if you’re a subscriber you can give the game a go without any additional cost. Xbox Series X|S players have gotten some improvements as well, in case you haven’t fired up the game in a while. They’re outlined here, but the best way to experience them is to try the game yourself. Happy hunting!

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