In glorious Aquilonia, Conan the Barbarian strode forth as a conqueror, deposing and usurping the corrupt king with indomitable might. But, as shadows of treachery and betrayal loom large and political enemies conspire against him at every turn the mighty Cimmerian longed for the days of when his trusty blade could solve any and every problem. For though he ruled over the greatest power of the Hyborian Age, Conan knows his enemies will stop at nothing to see him fall.

The westernmost and foremost Hyborian kingdom, Aquilonia reigns supreme in the western world as a commercial and military, lacking only, perhaps, the richer cultural diversity of its major rival, Nemedia. Its people are proud and of varied complexion and part of Aquilonia’s strength comes from its diversity and its strong military tradition.

A martially proud, wealthy, and technologically advanced people, their army is renowned for its armored knights clad, hardy frontiers folk, and the deadly Bossonian archers.
Aquilonia is known for its fertile cropland and many forests, as agriculturally rich as it is beautiful. Multiple rivers that run directly through it make it a perfect land for civilization, allowing trade and irrigation throughout the country.

Tarantia is the walled capital of Aquilonia and the largest city of the realm, ancient enough to have catacombs beneath its streets that have long since been forgotten. Renowned as a commercial and cultural center, they city’s markets demonstrate its prosperity, and the elaborate royal palace with its blue and gold towers dominates the city.

Poitain is the southernmost region, dotted with rich sunny meadowlands, rolling plains, rose gardens, orange groves, and palm trees, and holds to traditional feudal values, perhaps more than even Tarantia.
To the west, the province called the Bossonian Marches lies between the Black River and the Thunder River. Thickly forested and rich with timber, this prized land is constantly at stake between Aquilonia and the wild tribes who inhabit the Pictish Wilderness. For a brief time, Aquilonia pushed past the Thunder River and annexed the land beyond, calling it Conajohora, but they were rebuffed and it has since withdrawn.

The region called the Westermarck, made up of the provinces Oriskonie, Conawaga, and Schohira, is to the east of the Thunder River, and is home to many frontier settlements. May adventurers and mercenaries looking for wealth or opportunities make the journey into the western lands. Tullian’s Creek forms the boundary between Schohira and the Pictish lands.

Gunderland, to the north, is a hilly region known for its wild inhabitants, and is separated from the rest of Aquilonia by woodlands that teem with wildlife. The Gundermen barely regard themselves as Aquilonians, holding to their regional identity more than their national one.

The bread basket of Aquilonia is the Tauran, a county that lies to the west of the Shirki River, place of open groves and pastures whose people dwell in thatched cottages and hunt wildlife.

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