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Koth is an extensive kingdom of rich uplands, mountains, and rivers. Separated almost entirely from the north, west, and south by converging mountain ranges, its is primarily open to the east, and by Khoraja to the southeast. Many of the major settlements in Koth are within the foothills of its mountain ranges, and the interior is primarily grassy foothills and swathes of arable land, upon which feudal lords hold sway.

Kothians are a Hyborian race with a strong Stygian strain. They are usually of a lean strong frame, medium in height, and dark haired, with darker skin and eyes than most Hyborians but not nearly as much as the folk of Stygia or to the east. Much like the rest of the Hyborians, they are warlike and devote much to their military and campaigning, sharpened against threat of invasion from the ambitious Turanian kings. Kothians seem to be more urbanized than most Hyborians. They are more prone to trade and their encounters with other peoples which has introduced them to a wide variety of cultures and religions. Like Corinthia, they are strongly tied to east/west trade and prosper from the ever-constant merchant caravans.

It has been said that Koth might rival Aquilonia if it could keep itself unified. Kothians claim to be the direct heirs to old Acheron and their rightful place in this age. It is, they assert, their destiny to rule the lesser and more distaff Hyborian peoples. Plagued by internecine warfare, the king must constantly put down rebellions from varying city-states. Even then, Koth is a power to be reckoned with, and the king strives to acquire and sustain control so that he might indeed challenge Aquilonia’s position as the most powerful of the Hyborian nations. For now, that is not to be, and thus Koth is a constant source of employment for varying mercenary companies. Whether one fights for the king or an upstart, ambition and coin are plentiful for a reputable sell-sword.

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