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Pictish Wilderness

The Pictish Wilderness is perhaps the most unmarked expanse of land in all of the continent and perhaps the world. It has survived eons, once a mighty island in the Thurian Age and now part of the mainland in the Hyborian Age, and though the Pictish people have flourished and foundered over the tens of thousands of years, they have never built cities of stone or cleared significant portions of the forests for wood.

There are marshes and vast dense forests that stretch for days. Some legendary beasts survive there: saber-tooth tigers, dire wolves, giant white ghost snakes, forest-demons known as Chakan, and worse. It is said that the lands of the Picts are rife with game and teeming with fish, a hunter’s paradise, and for this reason the Picts have never developed animal husbandry or agriculture, though the coastal Picts have practiced fishing.

The surviving people of the Pictish isles that sank during the calamity, the Picts are a primitive and barbaric people who are short, broad shouldered and deep chested with black eyes and hair. They live in clans named after animal totems and are extremely hostile to outside contact, they seem to be frozen in time, with no technological or cultural advancements. They are also often feuding or in outright war with other Pict tribes. They build tents of hides or live in crude huts, sometimes in walled villages. They are extremely skilled hunter-gatherers and few tribes practice any sort of agriculture.

They are an ancient people, one of the oldest in the world, having thrived in the ages before the Cataclysm. They are enigmatic and unlike most of the Hyborian people, and have a hatred for the Cimmerians that goes back to that age, forged against the ancient ancestors of the Cimmerians, the Atlanteans.

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