Turan is vast, comprised of enormous deserts as well that stretch as far to the west as Khauran and Zamora and even beyond the Zaporaska River, which Turan barely recognizes as a border, down to Iranistan, and even up into the Hyrkanian-held steppes. Turan’s eastern coast is the Vilayet Sea and it claims much of that body of water, for the Hyrkanians do not sail and it is too far from Khitai to hold.

With rich and diverse lands and an enormous population, the country is wealthy and has much in the way of mineral wealth, marble, and is able to boast both a huge maritime and agricultural base. Mighty cities like Agraphur, the capital, are strewn along the Vilayet coast, with more regional capitals such as Shahpur, Sultanapur, and Xapur to the south.

It was not that long ago that Turan was largely made up of Hyrkanian riders who decided to cease the nomadic way of life and instead settle on the western shore of their inland sea. Khans among these former nomads quickly used the speed and ferocity of their mounted cavalry to overwhelm the native populaces along the Vilayet, the straggling tribes welded into a greater host and empire. They built magnificent cities and their culture thrived, becoming richer and more comfortable, yet driven still by the eagerness of expansion their horse nomad forefathers bequeathed to them.

Now, the fearsome cavalry of Turan races across the steppes in pursuit of their kingdom’s destiny. As a people, they are enamored with expansion, certain that their kingdom will dominate the West, a belief held especially by their King Yildiz and his son Yezdigerd. Their ambition is not merely land conquest, but Turan has made a vast navy and turned the Vilayet Sea into a so-called “Turanian lake”. Many are the wars fought against the Turanians as they expand, boldly, challenging their neighbors for territory and giving little back.

Lands of the Hyborian Age

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