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Zingara would be a prosperous country, given that its lands are rich and bountiful, it has ample coast for trade, it is bisected by many great rivers that feed its farmlands, and it has great forests for building and mineral wealth for exploiting, and the Zingg Valley for which the country takes its name is a veritable garden.

And yet, it is a country whose people are beset by hardship, as greedy nobles clutch land and resources to their breasts and force the poor to suffer. Vast plantations force countless slaves and near-slaves to toil laboriously in the arid sun while their owners bask in wealth and comfort and dwell on vendettas and rivalries and encourage their king to embark on petty wars with their neighboring countries.

Dark haired, dark eyed, with slightly swarthy skin, Zingarans are a mix of Hyborian stock with that of the people of Zingg, far older than even the Hyborians, as well as some Stygian ancestry. Zingara as a country is exactly as is its people, hot-blooded and quick to provoke, fanciful and passionate, as liable to weep at a poetry as to call for a duel to the death.

They have a complex and rich history and culture, and are perhaps even more refined than are the Aquilonians, and their navy is among the best in the world, though if they had anything other than their current king, Zingara might be more of a threat. Instead, its nobles brood and nurse grievances and plot against one another, turning allies into enemies and partners into rivals. Intrigue, backstabbing, and skullduggery keep the country as a flashpoint and a constant threat, yet the self-directed nature of this conspiring makes it its own greatest enemy.

Perhaps the most notable aspect of Zingara is its apparent tolerance for the pirate nation on the Baracha Islands, which, despite superior numbers and tactics, the Zingaran navy has yet to make any efforts at containing or controlling.

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