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Our Conan Board Game is Huge, & There’s an (Aggressive) Red Nails Expansion

by Lo Terry on January 24, 2024
  • The Conan board game, a beacon of strategy and mythic tales, embarks on a thrilling new quest. With the Red Nails expansion’s arrival and the launch of its Kickstarter campaign, we revisit the exhilarating world that once set a record-breaking course on Kickstarter.

    Here, you step into the shoes of Conan himself and his companions, navigating a world brimming with choices that echo the pulse of Howard’s rich narratives. Now, as we stand on the cusp of this new adventure, the Red Nails expansion beckons.

     It promises not just new stories and challenges but a continuation of a journey that has captivated fans of the Hyborian Age. Prepare to immerse yourself in this expanded universe, where every strategy, every choice, writes a new page in the annals of Conan’s world.

    Unparalleled Tabletop Immersion? That’s the Specialty of the Conan Board Game

    Embark on a journey through the annals of gaming lore to discover the secret behind the monumental success of the original Conan board game. The game, a brainchild of a fervent role-playing enthusiast, was designed to be more than just another board game. Instead, the creator wanted to develop a portal to an era of high adventure and unbridled freedom, reminiscent of Howard’s mesmerizing universe.

    Picture this: a game that unfolds before you, rich with choices that test your mettle. Will you swing your sword in a wide arc to mow down an approaching horde, or will you hurl your axe at a formidable enemy lurking in the shadows? The game forces you to make such choices and test your heroism so that you can tangibly feel the savage pulse of Conan’s world.

    What truly sets the game apart is the way it captures the essence of role-playing within the framework of a board game. The creators masterfully blended the elements of freedom and narrative depth, typical of RPGs, into the simple and accessible gameplay. Each session is a new chapter in your tale, with choices and consequences shaping the outcome of the battle. It’s this very feeling of crafting your own legend within Howard’s world that beckoned players back, time and again, to the gaming table.

    But the saga of the game’s triumph extends beyond its immersive gameplay. At its core, the game thrived on the rich soil of community engagement. Through forums, social media groups, and direct feedback channels, a dialogue was established, a connection that transcended the traditional creator-player dynamic. 

    This bond with the community has been instrumental in refining the game, injecting it with new modes of play, scenarios, and quality-of-life improvements. It’s a nod to the game’s enduring appeal, a synergy between the vision of its creators and the fervent passion of its players.

    As we stand at the precipice of the next chapter in this saga, it’s clear that the legacy of player-driven evolution and immersive gameplay forms the beating heart of the Conan board game’s enduring appeal. The journey thus far has been remarkable, but what lies ahead in the Red Nails expansion is a true testament to the game’s evolution and the unbridled creativity of its development.

    • Conan The Barbarian Our Conan Board Game is Huge, & There’s an (Aggressive) Red Nails Expansion
    • Conan The Barbarian Our Conan Board Game is Huge, & There’s an (Aggressive) Red Nails Expansion
    • Conan The Barbarian Our Conan Board Game is Huge, & There’s an (Aggressive) Red Nails Expansion
    • Conan The Barbarian Our Conan Board Game is Huge, & There’s an (Aggressive) Red Nails Expansion

    We’ve Just Raised the Stakes. And They’re Red. And They Have Nails.

    Inspired by Howard’s renowned novella, the Red Nails expansion of the Conan board game propels players into uncharted territories, where they confront formidable creatures and unravel the mysteries of ancient, lost cities. Like its predecessor, each scenario unfolds like a chapter from Howard’s tales, filled with tension, strategy, and the raw thrill of discovery.

    The journey of developing the Red Nails expansion was marked by a commitment to innovation while honoring the core elements that have captivated players. Recognizing the need for accessibility, the expansion builds upon the intuitive design of the original game. Newcomers are welcomed into the fold with open arms, ensuring that even those new to the Conan universe can quickly grasp the rules and dive into the action. The game’s approachability, supported by comprehensive tutorials and guides, means that unlocking the full scope of what the expansion has to offer is just a few steps away for anyone eager to join the fray.

    In particular, the introduction of the Versus boxes stands out as a groundbreaking addition. This new mode transforms the gaming experience into a tactical battleground, where players draft diverse armies and engage in swift, intense combat. The thrill of these battles, usually lasting less than an hour, adds a competitive edge to the game, contrasting with the original’s narrative-driven explorations. It’s a daring shift, invigorating the game with a fresh competitive spirit while preserving the essence of the Conan universe.

    As players venture further into the Red Nails campaign, they delve deeper into Howard’s lore, encountering scenarios that bring to life some of the most intense and vivid elements of the Conan saga. The expansion takes players through the perilous forest of Sukhmet, the eerie halls of Xuchotl, and into the heart of a ferocious conflict between ancient clans. These scenarios capture the essence of Howard’s storytelling, immersing players in a world where every decision shapes the course of their epic journey.

    With the Red Nails expansion, the Conan board game not only grows in scope but also in depth, offering new ways to experience Howard’s universe. Players will find themselves at the crossroads of familiar paths and new adventures, ready to forge their own legends in the world of Conan.

    Of course, the journey of the game’s development has always been shaped by the voices of its players. This ongoing dialogue, a cornerstone of the game’s evolution, continues to guide its future, paving the way for new adventures and stories in the Conan universe.

    • Conan The Barbarian Our Conan Board Game is Huge, & There’s an (Aggressive) Red Nails Expansion
    • Conan The Barbarian Our Conan Board Game is Huge, & There’s an (Aggressive) Red Nails Expansion
    • Conan The Barbarian Our Conan Board Game is Huge, & There’s an (Aggressive) Red Nails Expansion

    The Fans Know What a Good Conan Board Game Looks Like

    The evolution of the Conan board game is a story deeply influenced by its players. Feedback gathered over the years has been the cornerstone of its development. With each suggestion from the community, the game has grown more immersive and engaging. Innovations like new play modes and enhanced scenarios are direct responses to what fans have expressed they want to see and experience.

    The success of both the initial Kickstarter campaign and the kickstarter for the Red Nails expansion are celebrations of this collaboration between the developers and the community. In particular, it has resulted in the development of a rich array of content that caters to both long-time enthusiasts and newcomers that wouldn’t have been possible without their feedback. 

    Take for example the base Red Nails expansion box which expands the core game’s narrative and leads players on new adventures, while the Versus box adds a layer of tactical depth. For those who appreciate the artistry behind the Conan universe, the Frank Frazetta Box is a special treat, featuring miniatures inspired by the legendary artist’s work. The Worms Of The Earth box adds another layer, exploring the tales of Bran Mak Morn, another of Howard’s iconic creations. 

    New players are also welcomed to enjoy the King Pledge, a limited edition deluxe version of the core game that offers an all-encompassing introduction to the world of Conan. This pledge ensures that anyone new to the game can start their journey with the best possible experience, inviting them to be part of a continually growing and evolving community.

    As the Conan board game series looks to the future, it promises to keep the spirit of adventure and exploration alive. With a wealth of stories yet to be told and characters to be explored, the possibilities are endless. The development of a new Conan RPG is a further testament to the enduring legacy and appeal of Howard’s universe, opening up new horizons for fans to explore and enjoy.

    Roll the Dice. Order the New Red Nails Expansion of the Conan Board Game

    As the drums of war echo across the lands, we extend an invitation to you, the stalwarts of this community, to lend your voice and strength to this endeavor. Share your thoughts, your expectations, and your visions for the future of the Conan board game. Let us know what adventures you yearn to embark upon, what battles you dream of fighting, and what tales of heroism you wish to live.

    Rally to the banner of the Red Nails expansion. Join the campaign, claim your place in the annals of this legendary universe, and help us shape the destiny of a game that has captured the imagination of thousands. The hour is upon us to write a new chapter in the saga of Conan, one that will be remembered for ages to come.

    To arms, adventurers! The Kickstarter campaign awaits your valor and support. Seize your destiny and secure your copy of the Red Nails expansion. Together, let us venture forth into the untold stories of the Hyborian Age, where glory and legend await.

    Conan The Barbarian Our Conan Board Game is Huge, & There’s an (Aggressive) Red Nails Expansion
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