Plunder the riches of Turan in the new Conan Exiles DLC

The ‌Treasures of Turan DLC is now available.

Conan Exiles is growing with the Treasures of Turan DLC pack. This means that you can now put a Turanian touch to your palace, tame elephants and rhinos to use as pack animals, and wield weapons famous for the region.

The DLC pack contains:

  • 39 Turanian building pieces – A full set of building pieces with the same stats as existing tier three
  • 15 new armor pieces in three sets, such as the Turanian Mercenary armor – Light, medium and heavy sets with an epic end-game version of each
  • 9 new weapons in one Turanian weapon set – Same power as iron weapons with an epic end-game version of each weapon
  • 5 new Turanian warpaints – Decorative warpaints symbolizing opulence and glory
  • 9 new placeables, such as the standing lamp and brazier – Craft them at the new Turanian Artisan table
  • 2 new exclusive pack animal pet skins – Adorn your rhinos and elephants with rich and golden trimmings

Check out the launch trailer below:

‌The Treasures of Turan is available for Conan Exiles on PC and PlayStation 4, with the Xbox One version coming soon.

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