Rialto’s Market is open for business

The official Conan store is here!

The stall was overflowing with trinkets, jewels, moulding caches, and vibrant exotic clothing from distant shores. There was a musty smell covering it all, of dust and decay, as much as of sweaty coins and the greed of civilization. The merchant appeared out of nowhere, leaning forward – too close for comfort – and flashed his teeth.

“The name’s Rialto, and you’ve just found the grandest treasure trove of all, young barbarian!”

We’re happy to announce the launch of the official Conan store, called Rialto’s Market, here on! It’s headed by the merchant Rialto, someone you’ll learn more about in the near future.

We’ve got T-shirts, Thulsa Doom bottle openers, phone cases, mugs, and more for you in Rialto’s Market. You can also pre-order the Conan the Cimmerian: The Tower of the Elephant board game, if you missed out on the successful Kickstarter.

Rialto’s a resourceful fellow, so expect his market to fill up over time. Now might be a good idea to subscribe to the newsletter, because we’ll have something for you there in the future.

Please note that the official Conan store only ships to the US and Canada at the moment. We’re working on getting everything set up for a worldwide launch, so please be patient. Than you.

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