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The Most Savage Thing We’ve Ever Done

by Lo Terry on February 1, 2024
  • Hear the drums of war and whispers of ancient magic; the Savage Sword of Conan is poised to strike anew. This February, the legendary series, revered for its bold tales and timeless heroism, awakens from the annals of fantasy to reclaim its throne in the comic world. Brace yourselves for an exhilarating journey back to the heart of the Hyborian Age, now reimagined with a modern flair.

    As the shadows of the past blend with the light of new adventures, the air crackles with anticipation. So, ready your senses for a saga that promises to honor the legacy of this storied series while carving out new legends in its wake. The wait is nearly over, and the legend of the Cimmerian is about to unfold once more.

    Revolutionizing Conan Comics is Just What We Do

    The Savage Sword of Conan (SSoC) has long stood as a bastion of unbridled storytelling, its pages a sanctuary where the untamed spirit of Robert E. Howard’s creation thrived. Born in a time when the Comics Code Authority reigned with an iron fist, policing the content of comic books, the original SSoC carved out a space for itself, unshackled from these constraints. By cleverly adopting a magazine format, it sidestepped the limitations that would have diluted the visceral essence of Conan’s world – a world replete with savage violence and raw sensuality.

    In this liberated realm, SSoC flourished, transcending the label of simple comic and, to some, becoming seen as a beacon to the true vision of Howard. Here, the brutality and allure intrinsic to Conan’s stories were portrayed with a fidelity that resonated deeply with the fans for its authenticity. The series, with its high page count, black and white art, and anthology-style format, also allowed for longer, fuller stories. These were tales that didn’t just unfold but lived and breathed in front of their readers, enriched further by a wealth of behind-the-scenes extras.

    As we stand on the cusp of witnessing the return of this storied series, the new SSoC is poised to encapsulate this legacy once more while embracing the advances of modern storytelling. The commitment to the black and white format remains, an homage to the series’ roots, a canvas where the stark contrasts of Conan’s world will once again come to life. Yet, this adherence to tradition is elegantly balanced with innovation. In a striking departure from the original, each issue of the revived series will feature different authors and artists, infusing each edition with a unique flavor.

    This new approach promises an anthology rich in diversity, a kaleidoscope of perspectives that will offer fans a fresh experience with every issue. It’s a daring venture, one that respects the past but isn’t afraid to explore uncharted territories. The result is a series that is both a love letter to the classic SSoC and a bold foray into new creative landscapes. 

    • Conan The Barbarian The Most Savage Thing We’ve Ever Done
    • Conan The Barbarian The Most Savage Thing We’ve Ever Done
    • Conan The Barbarian The Most Savage Thing We’ve Ever Done

    Conan the Barbarian Art is Worth … Millions of Words 

    At the heart of the revival of SSoC is a commitment to the visceral elements that defined the original series – a world where the clash of swords and the whispers of dark sorcery were as tangible as the paper they were printed on. 

    In this modern incarnation, the essence of Howard’s world – a world rife with stark brutality and primal allure – is more than honored and amplified. The violence and nudity, quintessential elements of Conan’s realm, are not merely present for their own sake. Instead, they serve a greater purpose, adding depth and realism to the narrative, making the Hyborian Age breathe anew in a manner that resonates with today’s audience. 

    Alongside this thoughtful approach to content, the series also ventures into new artistic territories. While maintaining the beloved black and white format, a tribute to the classic SSoC, each issue becomes a canvas for diverse artistic expressions. Every edition of the series is a unique tapestry, woven with the threads of different authors and artists, each bringing their distinct style and perspective. This departure from the original’s consistent creative team is a bold statement, a declaration of the series’ commitment to variety and creative freedom.

    The decision to feature a rotating roster of talent in each issue is a testament to the series’ evolution. It allows for a rich collection of stories, each distinct yet unified under the overarching theme of Conan’s world. This artistic direction enriches the format and decisively pushes the boundaries of what a Conan comic can be.

    • Conan The Barbarian The Most Savage Thing We’ve Ever Done
    • Conan The Barbarian The Most Savage Thing We’ve Ever Done

    About those Words inside of those Conan Comics…

    The narrative evolution of this legendary series is a tapestry woven by both seasoned scribes and fresh voices in the realm of comics. For the stalwarts who have journeyed with Conan through the years, this revival promises a homage to the themes and tones they have grown to cherish. The essence of Conan’s world – a realm where honor battles, treachery, where mythical beasts roam, and warriors’ mettle is tested against both sword and sorcery – remains untouched. Yet, there lies an undercurrent of innovation, a promise that each issue will retouch these familiar themes while also introducing unexpected twists and turns. 

    In our inaugural issue, the storytelling is masterfully steered by John Arcudi, whose authorial prowess returns to breathe new life into the saga. Accompanying him, Max von Fafner’s artistry paints each page with a vibrancy that echoes the untamed spirit of Conan’s world. Gracing this issue, we have the legendary Roy Thomas, the original maestro of Conan comics, returning to provide a reflective piece that connects the past to the present, weaving his deep understanding of Conan’s lore into a rich collage of storytelling. Joe Jusko, a name synonymous with the iconic covers of previous Savage Sword of Conan editions, also lends his artistic genius to create a cover that is both a nod to the legacy and a herald of the new era.

    In every stroke of the artist’s pen and every word of the writer’s tale, there is a reverence for the past and a bold stride into the future. The stories that unfold in the new Savage Sword of Conan are not just retellings; they are reimaginings. They are a bridge between the timeless allure of Howard’s creation and the evolving narrative artistry of today’s comic craft. This is where the old and the new converge, where the tales of the Cimmerian find new life, and where fans, both old and new, come together in their admiration for a legend reborn.

    There’s Nothing More Savage than Community Ownership

    The relaunch of this legendary series offers an invitation to a grand collaboration, a gathering of enthusiasts and dreamers united in their passion for the Cimmerian’s world. The chainmail section, a cherished tradition in the Conan comics, continues to be a conduit for fans to express their thoughts, a place where their words leap from the shadows to bask in the light of recognition.

    This engagement with the fan community is a testament to the series’ commitment to its audience, a recognition of the vital role they play in the ongoing narrative of Conan. Through social media and other interactive platforms, fans are invited to join in the conversation, to share their insights and desires, to become architects of the very tales they cherish. 

    In the near future, plans are in motion to involve fans in ways that remain shrouded in mystery, yet brim with promise – a promise of making them both spectators and active contributors to Conan’s enduring legend.

    In this ongoing odyssey of the Savage Sword of Conan, every fan is a fellow traveler, every issue a new horizon, and every story a bridge between the echoes of the past and the whispers of the future.

    Don’t be a Savage. Read the Savage Sword of Conan. 

    Hearken, warriors of the written word, for the moment of rekindling the fires of a legend is upon us. The Savage Sword of Conan, that mighty chronicle which has etched itself into the annals of fantasy and adventure, is reborn. This February 28th, 2024, the saga resumes, not as a mere echo of its former glory, but as a thunderous roar across the landscapes of the Hyborian Age and beyond.

    In this new dawn, the black and white pages of the Savage Sword will come alive, weaving tales of valor and treachery, of dark sorcery and epic battles. Each issue promises a journey back to the roots of Conan’s world, infused with the vibrancy of today’s storytelling artistry. The legacy that began in the 70s and 80s is rekindled, ready to ignite the imaginations of both the steadfast followers of yore and the new seekers of legend.

    Now is the time, o seekers of epic tales, to secure your passage into this revitalized realm. Preorder your copy of the Savage Sword of Conan and be among the first to witness its resurgence in all its retro magnificence. Let your spirit be part of this grand adventure, where every page turn is a step into a world both familiar and wondrously new.

    Mark the date, for on February 28th, the journey begins anew. The Savage Sword of Conan awaits your return, ready to etch its tales of heroism and adventure into the annals of your memory. The legend is reborn, and it beckons you to be part of its unfolding story. Preorder now at your local comic store, and prepare to be immersed in the savage legend that is Conan the Barbarian.

    Conan The Barbarian The Most Savage Thing We’ve Ever Done
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