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The SAVAGE MiniCrate

by Thord D. Hedengren on June 26, 2019
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    Privateer Press has announced the SAVAGE MiniCrate subscription box, where you can get minis featuring heroes and villains from the rich worlds of Robert E. Howard. The first miniature in the series is Dark Agnes de Chastillon from Howard’s Sword Woman stories.

    The SAVAGE MiniCrate is offered as a monthly subscription service monthly ($16.99), or as a six-month VIP subscription ($98.99). Each shipment contains a single exclusive, limited-edition miniature and a corresponding Collector’s Card. International costs will vary, as usual.

    As a special bonus for six-month subscribers, members who sign up for the longer subscription will receive a free bonus seventh miniature. Thereafter, with each six-month renewal, subscribers will receive an additional bonus miniature as part of their subscriptions. The first bonus miniature is non other than King Conan, how about that?

    We asked Privateer’s Mike Ryan a few questions about the SAVAGE MiniCrate.

    Tell us a little bit about the box, who should subscribe?

    The SAVAGE MiniCrate is designed to appeal to a number of different groups: hobbyists with a passion for painting and displaying their work; collectors who recognize the rarity of a month-by-month limited-edition model with a no-reissue commitment; and most of all, fans of Robert E. Howard’s amazing worlds of characters, the most famous of whom continues to represent an entire genre of heroes: Conan the barbarian.

    Conan is obviously the most prolific character from Robert E. Howard, but what can we look forward from his other creations?

    Howard wrote in a wide variety of different genres. While he is most famous for the sword-and-sorcery tales of Conan or King Kull, he also introduced a wide range of other engaging, top-notch characters, including El Borak, an adventurer from the World War I era, and Solomon Kane, a swashbuckling Puritan. Both of these fascinating characters are slated to be SAVAGE MiniCrate models in the first of many cycles!

    Sign up for your very own SAVAGE MiniCrate subscription on Privateer’s website. You’ve got about two weeks before the first batch is sent out, and then gone forever.

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